There is nothing to do on a Caribbean Island on a rainy day? You think that rainy days are boring and that the rain will ruin your vacation? Think again 🙂

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet – Bob Marley

There is plenty to do raindrops460x276when its raining if you choose to and let´s be honest, rainy days give you the perfect excuse to stay in bed long, read that book you always wanted to read, snuggle up in bed with your better half or simply do NOTHING. Believe me, your body and soul will thank you for that. It is a good idea to forget the huzzle and buzzle of the world sometimes, hide away and leave all your sorrows behind. Rainy days give you the opportunity to take extra care of your body and soul. What about a Yoga or Pilates Session? Or taking extra time to pamper your body with a massage, facial or any other spa treatment.

With the noise of the rain and the waves of the ocean being the only noise around you, you will find the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing day.

You like it active?


No prob, everything in the tropical waters of Bocas del Toro is just the right activity to do on a rainy day. Who are we kidding, you are wet anyway. Usually rain means better waves, so why don’t you challenge yourself and enjoy the thrill of riding some Caribbean waves. Or what about exploring Bocas Underwater World. The rain does not necessarily effect the visibility and let me tell you, the rain will give your dive experience a whole new mystical atmosphere!

Not that much of a water fan?

IMG_20151123_134525Take a quad and explore the jungle. It is much more fun when it is raining. You will be dirty all over, perfect setting for a real jungle adventure! There are several paths to explore behind our property, the deeper you get into the jungle, the more adventurous it gets! You will come back covered in mudd but that is part of the fun, right?

Or you could just walk. You will be wet, so what? It´s the rain forest in the end of the day. Get yourself out there. Sometimes the colors just really come out when it is raining. You will see, hear and explore things you have never experienced before when paying close attention. And what did my mum always tell me when I was young? There is no such thing as bad weather, there are only bad clothes!

There is beauty everywhere. Especially on a rainy day, you just have to choose to see it, it is up to you!

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