Vacions are the perfect time to pamper body and soul and here at Island Pantation you might find the perfect spot to do so.

Happiness is an inside job – William Arthur Ward

There are so many new facilities to discover and a lot of things to explore and do around the Plantation:

First of all the obvious…

A couple of month ago we reopened our new Mora Mora Restaurant. Our French trained chef team amazes their guests with unique creations and mouthwatering dinner specials. There is no better place to enjoy fresh fish and seafood than on a Caribbean Island. Fresh Tuna, delicious Mahi Mahi and exquisite Seafood of all types are prepared for you to perfection. We love good food and that is why we want to make sure that our guests enjoy only the best.



But that is not the only new feature at Island Plantation. We created a very unique and hidden jewel right on our property. Up in the jungle (and yes when we say up we mean up) , 200 steep stairs are to climb to reach our yoga and meditation Platform. Great excercise before breakfast or for sunset. You will find a cozy spot overlooking the Caribbean Sea, nestled in the middle of the Jungle. Some monkeys, birds and sloth will be the only souls around when enjoying the incredible view.

Don´t worry, we will not check if you really practice yoga or just hanging out relaxing and enjoying the moment 😉

Two of our latest guests, Ellen and Lo went up to the platform nearly everyday to do their regular yoga routine. And they made a very cool video out of it, so that you can actually live their experience with them!


Last but not least there is probably no better way of ultimate relaxation than dream yourself away during a regenerating massage. Lilli, our massage therapist is more than happy to create the perfect environment when working on your sour and tense muscles. Again, our yoga platform could be a great spot to forget life for a while and just relax during your massage. But there are many other options, too, we could set up a massage for you at the pool, at the beach or on your private terrace in the back of your room.

So there are plenty of possibilities to take extra care for your BODY AND SOUL during your vacations at Island Plantation.

We are happy to assist with making plans or direct you in the right direction to find your personal favorite spot to get the most of your stay in Bocas del Toro. We do our very best to create a little paradise with lots of facilities to chose from, but in the end of the day we do know that happiness comes from within….

K! For Island Plantation