Vacations are a very special time. A unique opportunity to leave your daily life and all stress behind. To get distance in one way but at the same time, to get closer to yourself. There are different types of vacations and many different sort of travelers. Short trips, weekend sneak-outs, family holidays, romantic get aways, city explorers and sightseeing tours just to name a few.

heartsVacations are a very special time.And the most special and maybe the most important ones are probably honeymoons. The newly married couple spends an unforgettable wedding day, and are now celebrating the beginning of their new life together in sweet   intimidate togetherness. Here at Island Plantation we welcome quite a few honeymooners during the year. Thanks to the stunning landscape, the tropical setting and picturesque surroundings, newly enamored partners love to come to our little resort here on our Caribbean island. Usually one pictures the just married holding hands, walking along the endless beach of Bluff, having intimate candlelight dinners and doing other things couples do.

Not that I would know what to do on a honeymoon- I haven´t even been close to that stage of my life yet 😉

Anyway, there are couples who like to spend their honeymoon a little bit less mainstream. I guess honeymooning is also about learning something new (from each other), testing personal limits and being together as one. It is a little bit like teambuilding I would say. Two individuals becoming a team ideally for the rest of their lives.

IMG_20151029_105652So there is this amazing couple we have with us at the moment and they chose to do something real adventurous. They went to the Nirvada Batcave on Bastimientos Island.

To be quite honest I never dared going there …. yet. So let me tell you about their experience: They went on a private boat trip with Chapo, the probably most charming, nicest and amazing guide on the island. He took them right to Bastimientos where they hiked up to the caves.

Picture this: you are walking inside a complete dark cave, the only light coming from tiny headlights the guide gave you. You don´t know what’s around you, neither do you see what lays ahead of you. IMG_20150330_153135You have to trust your guide, the guy you actually just met a few hours ago, you have to trust yourself and you have to trust your partner who is living the whole adventure with you. It´s a mindsharpening yet incredible experience. Naturally you feel scared, but you are amazed at the same time. You see an abundance of bats hanging from the ceiling and you feel the presence of other creatures around you as the light circle of the exit hole gets smaller and smaller with every step you take deeper into the cave. (And let me tell you, the guy doesn´t even like bats! Quite frankly he cannot stand them. And he went on this trip anyway, just because his wife really wanted to. I guess that’s what you call love at the end of the day.)

Then suddenly this whole new world opens up to you. There are actually hidden waterfalls deep inside the cave. It feels like you walked 10 miles onto slippery, uncertain ground but every step made sense and was worth it all of the sudden. The waterfalls are magical, an indescribable place.

And its only once you are out of the caves you actually realize what you just accomplished. Overcoming your fears, welcoming new experiences and embracing the uncertain to find a whole new magical world opening up to you. And maybe that is how getting married feels like little bit, too.

So the honeymoon vacations are probably the perfect occasion to push yourself to the limit a little bit, together with your partner in order to grow bigger and stronger as a couple….

And that is how you learn something new every day…

But don´t worry, even if you ¨just¨ want to spent some relaxing, refreshing and renewing days together with your partner, without adrenaline kicks or too much adventure, Island Plantation is the perfect place to sneak out to. All of us here will make sure to pamper you with anything you might need in order to create your personal romantic dream vacation!

That’s it for this time I guess…

XX K! for Island Plantation